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Roche breast cancer drug gets FDA priority review

By Reuters — From

— U.S. health regulators granted a priority review for an experimental Roche breast cancer drug that in clinical trials added six months to the time before the disease worsened.
The Food and Drug Administration will make its decision on whether to approve pertuzumab by June 8, Roche Holding AG's…

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Breast Cancer Drug May Weaken Bones, Study Finds

By Steven Reinberg — From

— A drug used to prevent breast cancer in women at high risk for the disease appears to cause bone loss in some postmenopausal women, a new study finds.
The drug, Aromasin (exemestane), has been shown to reduce the odds of breast cancer by 65 percent, but it…

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Risk of Death From Certain Breast Cancers May Rise With Age

By Serena Gordon — From

— The risk of dying from a hormone receptor-positive breast cancer increases with age, according to new research. And one reason might be that older women with breast cancer are undertreated compared to their younger peers.
For women between the ages of 65 and 74, the risk of…

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Psychotherapy May Ease Hot Flashes After Breast Cancer


After breast cancer treatment, many women suffer from hot flashes and night sweats, but a type of "talk therapy" might relieve these symptoms for some women, British researchers suggest.
In a new study, women who received this form of psychotherapy, known as cognitive behavioral therapy, had reduced their symptoms by half…

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Generic breast cancer prevention drug overlooked

By Kelly Crowe and The Canadian Press — From

— Relatively few postmenopausal women at high risk for breast cancer are taking a generic drug proven to reduce the disease's occurrence.
After a study of 4,600 healthy women concluded that exemestane, sold under the brand name Aromasin, decreased the risk of breast cancer…

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Soy Supplements May Not Shield Against Breast Cancer

By Health Day — From

— Soy supplements do not protect women against breast cancer, a new study suggests.
The findings are consistent with the results of previous studies that examined the cancer prevention benefits of the dietary supplements, said lead researcher Dr. Seema Khan, a professor of surgery at the Robert H.

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Was It Right for Karen Handel to Resign from Susan G. Komen?

By Tierney Sneed — From

— Karen Handel, vice president for public affairs at Susan G. Komen for the Cure, announced her resignation from the breast cancer organization Tuesday in a letter to CEO and founder Nancy Brinker. Some blamed Handel for the since-reversed decision by Komen to withdraw funding from…

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Chemo During Pregnancy Doesn't Seem to Harm Baby

By Randy Dotinga — From

— A new study finds that the babies of women who had chemotherapy while pregnant aren't at higher risk for a variety of medical disorders, a sign that the treatment should be safe for the fetus in most instances.
There's a caveat: babies born to pregnant women who…

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Breast Cancer Chemoprevention Gets Personal

By Pamela J. Goodwin — From

— Despite improvement in mortality from breast cancer, incidence of the disease continues to increase in most countries.1 This has led to an interest in primary prevention, including approaches ranging from lifestyle changes such as physical activity or weight loss to pharmacologic interventions.

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Breast cancer kills older women more often: study

By Kerry Grens — From

— Breast cancer is often considered more deadly among younger women, but older women — particularly those over 75 — are actually more likely to die of the disease, according to an international study.
Researchers, who tracked thousands of women and published their findings in the Journal of…

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