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Night Shift Might Boost Women's Breast Cancer Risk: Study


Women who work the night shift more than twice a week might be increasing their risk for breast cancer, Danish researchers find. Moreover, the risk appears to be cumulative and highest among women who describe themselves as "morning" people rather than "evening" people, the researchers say.

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Life Advice for My Daughter ... And Myself

By Joanna Montgomery — From

— My husband and I recently visited the Montessori school our little girl will be attending after she reaches her 6-month birthday. And even though the environment was lovely and peaceful and joyous, I couldn't stop my mind from wandering to those early "first day of school"…

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45 Things Physicians and Patients Should Question

By John Gever, — From

— Here are the full lists of overused tests and treatments compiled by the first nine specialty societies to participate in the Choose Wisely project:

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Cancer survivor implores state to drop challenge to 'Obamacare'

By Keith Eldridge — From

— Some people upset about Washington's involvement in a lawsuit challenging President Obama's health care overhaul are taking their anger to the state attorney general.
It was Rob McKenna's decision to join in the multi-state suit on the behalf of Washington state.
McKenna, who is running for governor, says…

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Getting Screened for Breast Cancer


— Most women can wait until they’re 50 to have a mammogram, then get screened every other year. That’s the latest recommendation from an influential task force that reviewed dozens of medical studies and determined that routine mammographs in younger women often resulted in unnecessary tests…

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Breast cancer effectively treated with chemical found in celery

By Medical Xpress — From

— Apigenin, a natural substance found in grocery store produce aisles, shows promise as a non-toxic treatment for an aggressive form of human breast cancer, following a new study at the University of Missouri. MU researchers found apigenin shrank a type of breast cancer tumor that is…

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BeeWell and Make a Difference.

By — From

— Take part in our wellness community and make a difference in the lives of those touched by diabetes, heart disease and breast cancer. Log miles walking, running or biking, log calories consumed or complete motivational challenges, and Bumble Bee Foods will donate up to $300,000 to three…

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Breast Cancer Screening Under Fire Again

By Michael Smith — From

— Mammography screening leads to a "substantial amount of overdiagnosis" of nonfatal breast cancer, researchers reported.
A retrospective analysis in Norway found 6 to 10 cases of overdiagnosis for every 2,500 women invited to have mammographic screening, according to Mette Kalager, MD, of Harvard School of Public Health…

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Fresh hope for breast cancer patients

By Newstalk — From

— Early findings suggest an experimental therapy – which freezes deep tumours – could offer new hope to women with advanced breast cancer.
Scientists say the treatment could be used as a last line of defence to stop a cancer that’s spreading round the body.
Currently women with “metastatic”…

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Dogs With Cancer Helping to Find a Cure

By Arlene Weintraub — From

— When her black Lab, Emmy, started limping in 2008, Kathi Streeter suspected the normal aches and pains of aging. Then came the devastating diagnosis: osteosarcoma, a deadly bone tumor. Osteosarcoma affects humans, too—mostly children, whose long-term survival rate, if the cancer spreads, is under 4…

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