Useful Breast Cancer Fundraising Tips

Whatever your cause may be, here are some useful tips for fundraising.

Useful Breast Cancer Fundraising Tips

By Breast Cancer Connect Staff Published at September 10 Views 755

Breast cancer can be a serious financial burden that many people are not prepared for. Some patients turn to fundraising to help pay for their personal medical expenses. Other people hold fundraisers for breast cancer awareness groups and to further medical research towards a cure. Whatever your cause may be, here are some useful tips for fundraising:

Create a funding page

Sites like YouCare and GoFundMe are great places to start your fundraising journey. Set up a page for your cause. Clearly state what your monetary goal is and where donations will go. Be honest and concise. Include information about the disease and how it is affecting you. While you don't have to disclose info that is too personal (like you had to take out a second mortgage on your home), if you’re raising money for yourself it can be very effective to be up front and say that you are in hard times financially and could really use every penny of people's donations.

Share your page

Get on Facebook, Twitter and email to spread the word about your cause. Include a link to your page and a brief description of why you are fundraising and what the money will go toward. When writing emails, don't just send a batch with the exact same wording. Start with a general email that explains your fundraiser and tweak it for each individual. Address the recipients by name and include any personal details you can. For example, if you remember talking with them about how painful it was to see someone they loved to go through cancer treatment and you marveled at their loyalty and support, share that with them. Tell them you hope to be able to do the same for others one day and that their donation will support that.

Host an event

As corny as it sounds, bake sales and lemonade stands can garner serious donations when done right. For maximum effectiveness, try to host your event in tandem with another larger event. Have a pie sale outside of the high school basketball game. Host a lemonade stand next to a busy car wash or a gym. Be sure to contact the business you'd like to fundraise near to get permission. They may even want to help!

Give thanks

Thank-you cards go a long way. Email or mail a note to each individual or business that donates to your cause with your heartfelt thanks. Some fundraisers also send updates on donation progress and the state of their disease or treatment. People like to know where their money is being used, and hearing it helped you to get important treatment that you couldn't afford will reaffirm why they donated. Whether they gave five dollars or $100, always say thanks.

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