Getting through the first year… what’s it like?

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Dr Gary

Being diagnosed with a chronic condition brings up a lot of questions. Some of them include: What’s my life going to be like? How will my relationships be affected? Will I be normal? And the ultimate question: Why me?

Did any of these questions come up for you? Along with a few of your own?

And then there’s the steps forward followed by steps back that are part of getting through the first year.

Most likely, you’ve had your share of emotional ups and downs. Like anger, sadness, and fear. Those are the big ones.

My clients talk to me about how the initial shock of receiving an unexpected diagnosis at some point gives way to feelings that can be unfamiliar, scary, and at times overwhelming. Experiencing all those emotions, as difficult as that can be, is a big part of learning to live with a chronic condition.

I wrote an article on this topic awhile back. Here’s a link:

I’m really interested to know what that first year was like after your diagnosis. Anything helpful you did or that someone did for you? Any advice to share?

Or, if you still in that first year, what’s going on with you? Any advice to share? Need some advice?

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Replies (4 replies)

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  • Dizzy65101 or Robin
    Dizzy65101 or Robin February 21, 2017 at 11:02 pm   

    I'm only 6 months in and I keep ginger ale and saltines available at all times. My life has changed drastically less energy sick a lot and more pain. I am trying to find way to manage these side affects.

  • msbets2
    msbets2 July 17, 2016 at 9:50 am   

    I took one day at a time with the first round of breast cancer in 1986, had radiation, nothing in the lymph nodes, it was very small, but still picked up by the mammogram so didn't take long to get over that one, the second one was a shock, the Dr. said it must have been hiding!!! how can it hide an 8mm tumor?Was taking Tamoxifen, but became allergic to that and had to stop, so as we speak am doing nothing regarding the breast cancer as I now taking the drug Pembro, for the skin cancer, as my plastic man refused to do anymore cutting and skin grafts, cancer always returned at either end of the surgery sites or just outside the margins, had some come back in the middle of skin grafts, my left leg looks like I have been in Afghanistan, so now have been taking it one day at a time, it's a good thing I'm 77 years old if I was 50, I would probably be very upset, I have done all the coping,worrying on my own, no one wants to think about it, they are more afraid than I am, I have really never felt the need for emotional support, at this point not sure what I will do if after the drug treatments are over and the cancer returns, if they want to start cutting parts off at 77 I do believe I will hang it up, the last 4 years have not been good ones, when I could have been doing some traveling, have either been in a derms office, plastic man and now chemo, have spent thousands and thousands, even tho I have insurance, can do nothing but cope and realize their are people who are worse off than I am.