Ever feel afraid? How do you cope?

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Dr Gary

“I’m afraid.”

Two small words with a really big meaning, right? Words that we are often hesitant to say. Or more to the point: Afraid to say.

Chronic conditions bring up lots of fears, from the moment you receive your diagnosis, to beginning and maintaining your treatment regimen, to contemplating the road ahead. These fears all fall under the umbrella of the biggest fear of all. Uncertainty. Humans don’t do very well with uncertainty. We’re wired to be in charge. Chronic conditions teach us that we don’t have all the control.

So we are we afraid of fear? Maybe if we let the fear in, we might be overwhelmed by it. Or if we allow ourselves to feel afraid, we will have to admit that we have something to be fearful of (also called denial). Or maybe so many people have said to “think positive” that we don’t allow ourselves to feel how we feel.

So often, my clients will say something to me like “I shouldn’t be afraid.” Or “I can’t let anyone know I’m afraid.” Here’s my response: “When something scares us, we feel afraid.” I say that because fear is a normal human emotion.

I wrote an article about fear awhile back. Here’s a link:


I am wondering if you ever feel afraid. And if you do, what do you about your feelings of fear?

Were you more afraid when you were first diagnosed? Or has the fear stayed with you over time?

Really looking forward to hear about your experiences here.

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