Whoops! Your doctor messed up. What do you do?

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Dr Gary

Does your doctor make an error from time to time? Maybe overlook something that should not have been overlooked? Wait and see when action should have been taken immediately?

About three years ago, I stopped in at a medical clinic – not my regular doctor – to take a look at a little bump on my hand that seemed to be causing swelling. I was told to take an antibiotic but not worry about it.

Well, the next day, my hand was so swollen I could not move my fingers. I ended up in the emergency room followed by four days in the hospital for a serious staph infection.

A little error that allowed a dangerous infection to get worse.

Doctors are human. They get busy and don’t pay close attention. They jump to conclusions without getting enough information. They make mistakes in judgment. Like all humans do.

Here’s a link to an article I posted on this topic awhile back:


Has that happened to you?

If so, what do you do? Keep quiet about it? Give your doctor a good scolding? Fire him/her?

I’m really interested in how you handle errors that your doctor might make. How do you respond?

At what point does an error on your doctor’s part become a reason to part ways? Or do you decide that your doctor has done such a good job for you over time that you are willing to excuse a lapse in judgment?

And then there is always the question: Is my current doctor the best I am going to get?

I’m talking about errors that don’t place your life in danger or otherwise cause you harm, not medical malpractice. But then, how you decide what constituted malpractice?

Looking forward to hearing from you. Any stories? Advice?

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