Advocating for yourself? Just what does that mean?

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Dr Gary

“Advocate” is one of those terms I hear tossed around a lot, by my clients, by other professionals, and in articles I pick up or see online. It seems like a lot of members here use that term, too. And I use it a lot myself.

I’ve seen the word advocate used all kinds of ways, from getting information to getting up in your doctor’s face.

Here how I often see advocate being used:

• Getting informed about your condition and its treatment

• Asking healthcare professionals questions and expecting answers

• Getting a second opinion before you make a decision

• Understanding what services are available to you and making sure you get them

• “Standing up” to your doctor when you don’t feel you’re getting what you need

Here’s a link to an article I recently posted:

If you’re talking about being an advocate, what’s it mean to you?

And if you’ve become an advocate, what did it take for you to get there?

Tired of talking about being an advocate? Why?

Looking forward to hearing from you on this one!

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