What causes you to judge yourself? And how do you stop?

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Dr Gary

“That was good.”

“That was bad.”

“Wow, that was stupid.”

It seems like I read a lot of posts about negative self-judgments from our members. Like when a member has numbers that aren’t what they need to be. Or has slipped on their self-care. Or maybe when someone else, like a doctor, has criticized them.

Listen to your own self-talk sometime. And when you do, take a look at how often you speak to yourself with a voice of judgment. Good, bad, smart, stupid… words of judgment regarding other people, and words of judgment applied to yourself. The judgments just keep coming.

In my experience, individuals living with chronic conditions are especially prone toward judging themselves. It comes from constantly being told to monitor yourself for symptoms, as well as having to follow guidelines for treatment compliance and self-care. All that self-evaluation can lead to judging yourself. “What did I do well?” but also “What did I do badly?” Your doctor or family members may heap on judgments of their own.

Breaking the judgment cycle starts with curbing the urge to judge yourself. I posted an article awhile back on this topic. Here’s a link:


Now, what about you. Do you find yourself slipping into self-judgment? What causes you to judge yourself? When you feel like you have slipped up on your self-care? Or do you have people who say things to you that cause you to judge yourself?

What do you do when you find yourself falling into self-judgment?

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