Miracle Cures! What Keeps Us Hoping?

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Dr Gary

Hope. Miracle.

It seems to me that we use those words a lot when we are talking about health. Let’s start with hope. Hope for what? Well, for a lot of things. Hope for a good day. Hope for understanding. Hope for effective health care.

And maybe, in the front of your mind, or somewhere in the back of your mind… hope for new directions in treatment. Hope can motivate you to stay super informed about your condition, to research the latest and greatest treatments and technologies.

Hope can also cause you to take a moment to take a quick look, or a long look, when you run across words like “revolutionary,” “breakthrough,” and, most seductive of all, “miracle.”

I have to admit that I often pause when I run across medical miracles in any form, especially if related to a condition that one of my clients is living with. First of all, I’m hoping along with them for better days ahead in the treatment of their condition. And I’m naturally curious about what’s being touted as a miracle. You might be curious, too. In fact, clients often share information with me about new treatments, some of them outside of traditional medical practice.

Or, you may be one of those folks who automatically blocks out ads or articles that appear to be touting anything approaching a miracle. You may have been down this road one too many times.

But even if you’ve repeatedly read about miracle cures that weren’t so miraculous, I think there’s a side of us that can’t help but wonder, “what if there is a miracle out there, something way outside of the traditional medical approaches that just might provide an answer that was right under our noses all this time? What if it’s around the corner?”

I recently wrote an article about what keeps us hoping for a miracle cure. Here’s a link:


I’m curious about how you react when you see an ad or an article about “breakthroughs” or “miracle” cures. Do you stop and take a look? Do you automatically move on?

And here’s a question: Do you believe in miracles?

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