A little sensitive to criticism? If so, you’re not alone!

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Dr Gary

Nobody likes to be criticized. We like to think we are doing/saying everything the right way. And when we’re told we’re not, it’s only human to feel the hit on the ego. Being criticized can leave us feeling exposed, less than perfect, if not a failure. That’s not to say we don’t at times ask for and welcome criticism. But it’s those times when we haven’t asked for criticism that it can be especially hard to hear.

My clients who are living with chronic conditions often tell me that they feel especially sensitive to criticism, on the job and at home. Their condition may make it that much harder to do their best. As a result, they admit that they expect others to understand what they are dealing with, to take into consideration that life is just that much harder for them. Not necessarily for others to cut them some additional slack, but to at least reflect some understanding of what it’s like to live with a chronic condition.

Sometimes my clients admit that criticism can push them into the victimhood trap, a place they don’t want to go but can’t always stop themselves. After all, you may be working that much harder to do your best. So it’s hard not to feel the unfairness of life when criticism comes your way.

And let’s face it. You may already be your own worst critic, so who needs more criticism piled on?

I recently wrote an article on criticism. Here’s a link:


I’m really interested to know how you handle criticism. Do you find yourself feeling sensitive, or defensive, when criticism comes your way? Do you feel like you get criticized too often? Or, on the other hand, do you welcome criticism?

Any stories about when unwanted criticism turned out to be beneficial? Or not?

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