Yikes! That was a mean thought. Where’d that come from?

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Dr Gary

When is the last time you had a mean thought that just seemed to come out of nowhere?

Our minds can come with all kinds of thoughts, some of them kind, some of them not so kind — sometimes with accompanying images – that are downright surprising. But there they are.

“I can’t believe what went through my mind last week,” a client said to me. “I was at a shopping mall and noticed someone who was bouncing along talking and laughing with a couple of friends like she didn’t have a care in the world. The picture of health and happiness! And I thought to myself, ‘Enjoy it while you can because guess what? Nothing lasts forever!’”

My client went on to tell me how ashamed she felt. “I don’t walk around wishing bad on other people just because I’m living with this condition and they aren’t. But wow, that thought made me wonder if I’m not a mean person at heart. I hope not.”

Having an occasional mean thought is part of being human. I get them. Everybody I know gets them. Maybe even you get them.

My clients who are living with chronic conditions sometimes talk about having mean thoughts about people who seem to have it a lot easier in life. They don’t like these thoughts very much. And they worry that they might be envious, or just plain mean spirited. Certainly not the way they want to be thinking. And not the kind of person they want to be.

It’s been my experience that we aren’t in control of the thoughts that pop up. And of course, we don’t have to act on those thoughts. But when of them jumps into your mind or, worse yet, one after the other, what you do?

I recently posted an article on mean thoughts. Here’s a link:


So what about you? Do you find that there are times when you are more likely to be susceptible to mean thoughts? What do you do when one an unwanted thought pays you a visit?

I’m really interested in knowing how you handle your mean thoughts.

And if you never get one, then please share your secret to avoiding them!

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