Making that doctor’s appointment. Not sure if you need it or not?

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Dr Gary

What makes you decide to make an appointment with your doctor?

I hear all kinds of reasons from my clients. Reason one, of course, is that they are feeling sick. But I hear other reasons as well: Following up on progress with a medication they were prescribed on their last visit. A check-up of how their current regimen is working. Maybe just a feeling that they want to “touch base” with their doctor.

In other words, sometimes it’s clear that an appointment with your doctor is necessary. Other times, not so clear.

I recently posted an article on this topic. Here’s a link:

So what about you?

Have you ever felt unsure as to whether or not you should get in touch with your doctor? Have you ever decided to “tough it out” when you shouldn’t have? Or made an appointment when you just wanted some reassurance and support?”

Ever you ever had that awkward feeling that you made an appointment when you didn’t need to, or been told this by your doctor?

Are there times when you aren’t sure what to do? Or, do you have a rule of thumb, or some guidelines in place to help you make this decision, maybe that you have worked out with your doctor?

Looking forward to hearing about your experiences and thoughts!

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