Worried about side effects? How are you handling that with your doctor?

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Dr Gary

“Oh wow!”

That’s what John said after he read through the package insert from the new medication his physician prescribed, and reviewed the list of potential side effects.

After going through this list – this LONG list – John had the feeling that his medication had the potential to cause just about every part of his body with aches, pains, allergic reactions, along with his mood. He added another side effect to the list: bad dreams, because that’s what taking this medication was going to give him.

What was especially frustrating to John was that his physician had briefly mentioned a couple of side effects when she was giving instructions on how and when to take it. He hadn’t really paid that much attention. But he would have had she gone through this extensive list with him.

What about you? Have you ever taking a look at side effect list that comes with your medications or done some research on the Web? If so, do you ever notice anything on the list that worries you? Or, on the other hand, are you avoiding those side effect lists so that you don’t have to feel like John?

I recently posted an article with some ideas about how to have a conversation with your doctor about your concerns about the side effects of a medication you are taking. Here is a link:


Now, what about you? How are you handling side effect concerns as they come up? Any stories to share? Suggestions? Need some help from us?

Looking forward to sharing some experiences and ideas on this topic. So jump in!

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