Breast Cancer

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I've been battleing my Breast Cancer for 5 years just got my Frist good news i'm in remission for the Frist time. I went through radiation frist after they took out and Bibopsy a lump off my right Breast that was Cancer so i did that everyday. Then after that went into Chemo treatments Once a week. I lost my hair 3 times during these 5 yrs, but it never broken my Sprit and smile i had one every day i walk into my treatment alone. My Cancer has made me very strong to this day

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  • Mr.Expert
    Mr.Expert January 18, 2014 at 4:37 am   

    breast cancer is caused by three MAJOR factors: 1. eating scorched and carbonised food that has become black because of fire or oil and also eating that oil like some people eat the fried and used oil when they cock fish or potattos in it/ 2. abcence of regular physical activity in life specifically when you are a BBW/ 3. feeling hopeless and empty about life and no love exprience from husband
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  • Hyrum Anderton
    Hyrum Anderton July 24, 2013 at 2:58 pm   

    You are awesome to continue to fight. An inspiration all you guys are.

  • ScaredGrandma
    ScaredGrandma May 18, 2013 at 11:29 pm   

    I have stage IV breast cancer ER/PR positive and was given 5 to 6 weeks to live from the hospital. The two large tumors in my right lung were blocking my airway. It had spread to my lymph nodes, lungs and bones and they gave me the strongest chemo available which I took every 3 weeks for 4 months. They did not offer surgery or radiation. I was sent home on Hospice and on oxygen. The chemo shrunk my lung tumors and my large lympnode under my right arm. Felt horrible every day and sick to my stomach but I perservered and began a vegan diet eliminating all meat, dairy, sugar and adding a large array of vitamin supplements and drank only alkaline water and eating organic any high pesticide foods . I found this formula in the Dr. Block book titled "Life Over Cancer." I was put on Aromasin to keep my estrogen low. My cancer was stable and went off Hospice. It's been about a year and a half but sadly the Aromasin stopped working or maybe because I started to eat more sugar and strayed from rigid my diet and as soon as I did that my cancer is now agressively growing in my lung with fluid also in the lung making it a little hard to breath. This decline happened in 3 months. Since I have also been experiencing some headaches I'm getting an MRI tomorrow and start Chemo Tues May 22, 2013. I live alone but on my mom's property next door to her. I feel bad that she may have to care for me again, although she is 81 years old she is still quite active and loving and willing to help me. I stay physically active even though I am tired and feel weak. I know that exercise is vitally important. I am expecting to get a good result from this chemo but not looking forward to the side effects. I'll probably lose my hair again and more weight. I've lost almoslt 100 pounds. I have little appetite. But I look good (ha ha).

  • Colbert Leopards
    Colbert Leopards May 1, 2013 at 1:23 pm   

    Wow, You sound like Me batteling thing's alone. It does make You Stronger, and Fighting it for 5yr's , Way to go. I don't know if You had to take the Strong Pain Pill's, like Morphine, Methadone, or Oxycontin, to get out of Bed and Get to the Dr. They kind of give Me Strength to be able to take care of Myself. But My Dad had Brain Cancer, He didn't understand the Weird Feeling goes away after a Week or Two, Then You use the thing's to Fix Your Own Meal's, and taking the Pain away, make's Me Eat, My Step-Mother didn't like Him taking the Pain Med's, so He stayed Weak and in the Bed, with Her Moneing about How Hard it is to take Care of Him, It Really Upset Me. He lived 2 yr's after finding the Cancer, I feel if He would have had the pain Med's to be able to get up and go Visit His Mom and Walk around He would have lived longer. I feel like He laid in the Bed kissing Her Rear, takeing the Chemo and Radiation, until it Burt Him Up and He couldn't go anymore. I Pray for Your Strength and so Happy to see You in Remission. Could You let Me know How You feel Pain med's help You, beside's Helping the Pain, Does takeing away the Pain make You Eat Better? Do They make You feel like going outside or going somewhere? Do You think My Dad may have lived Longer, if He could have Enjoyed Life, by taking the Pain away? I' Just can't make My little sister Understand, He Needed more than what He had, and Her Mother Condoning Dad's Med's was Rediculas., I think.