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Anyone who has been diagnosed with Breast Cancer has had the "moment" when you discovered the lump on your own, from a mammogram, or during a physical exam by a Doctor. It is a moment frozen in time that one never forgets.

I found my tumor when I ran into a door, hitting my left breast area very hard. I started rubbing my chest to ease the pain, and felt a rather large lump in the nipple region. Within two days, I was being examined by my Doctor. As he was palpatating the breast area, a discharge came from the nipple. I was sent for a Diagnostic mammogram for further examination. I soon learned for myself what my wife had been telling me all along about how painful a mammogram can be.

Following the mammogram, I was told I would need a sonogram. After the sonogram, I met with the Radiologist, who informed me that I would need a needle core biopsy of suspicious tissue that was found in the left breast nipple area. By now, I suspected that I had cancer, but no one would tell me anything until after the biopsy.

On February 18, 2011, I was told by the Radiologist that I had Invasive Ductal Carcinoma. This should not have surprised me. I had every symptom for breast cancer, but did not put it together because breast cancer in men is very rare.

I was told by my surgeon that in 2011, over 200,000 women in this country would be diagnosed with breast cancer, but less than 1000 men would be diagnosed with breast cancer. So far I have had a Total Mastectomy, and I start chemotherapy in two weeks.

I would advise women to never skip their mammograms. It may one day save their life. And men need to check their breast area for lumps, or have a Doctor do it.

As the Radiologist told me, "You were very fortunate that you ran into that door." And, I do believe that I am fortunate everyday.

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